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What we do

Your time is never wasted

because every gathering begins with

a introduction circle and ice-breakers ... like ...

What were you 'into' as a kid? Favorite charity? food?

Celebrity encounter? Phobia? A movie you dis/like? Music that you dis/like?

How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse? Why?

We meet weekly

in eclectic places in the Cultural Centre, the Valley, Newstead,

New Farm, Kelvin Grove, the coast and sometimes Sydney

Including weekend afternoons

in hidden bars, restaurants, cafes, galleries

(we aim for 50/50 male/female)

James is the first and last person you see at every meeting.

Structured Walk n Talks

Short Talks about ...

~Acting (what they don't tell you) ~Working on a movie set (it can be a mean scene) ~Existential Philosophy ~Romanticism and Revolution ~ Introduction to Video Production ~ Starting a one-person business

Possible talking points ...





Jean Luc Goddard, Jim Jarmusch, David Mamet, Steve McQueen, Terrence Malick. Need some females here. Help me?



IT Crowd

costumes for film

Alexander McQueen

Vivienne Westwood

80s pop music

Adam Ant Clash Church Doors Iggy Pop Joy Division Nat King Cole Nina Simone Psychedelic Furs PJ Harvey Siouxsie Saints (Yes the Brisbane band)

Romantic poets

Wordsworth Coleridge

Shelley Kerouac

Angelou Morrison Strummer

and their uncredited

female collaborators

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